What can the Cloud do for R&D

What Can the Cloud Do for R&D?

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To educate life sciences organizations on how to securely and compliantly share information, Intralinks has partnered with Business Review Webinars.

6 Steps for Data Breach Recovery and Prevention

Intralinks Webinar: Sharing and Collaboration in Today’s Workforce

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Secure collaboration is one of the most vital concepts in business today. In today’s workforce, employees are handling highly-sensitive corporate documents and sharing this information beyond the firewall through multiple channels and across various devices. It’s imperative that businesses maintain control over their data, while still enabling employees to share, collaborate and innovate. Managing this process can be challenging, but a collaboration solution can help keep companies’ most confidential information secure.

Avoiding Security Breaches

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According to a CyberFactors LLC survey*, there were more than 1400 cyber breaches/incidents in 2012 with more than 20% of those breaches involving insiders or third party contractors. Of those breaches, most involved the theft of personal information. So what’s a CIO or CISO to do? In their recent webcast discussing common causes of data breaches, John Landy, CTO at Intralinks and Heidi Shey, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research described ways an organization can control and protect its data.