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About Us

We are the standard for trusted collaboration among networks of business professionals.

Intralinks is a leading, global technology provider of beyond the firewall collaboration solutions. Over 99% of the Global Fortune 1000 use the Intralinks platform to securely share content and collaborate anytime, anywhere, with business partners. Gartner recognizes us as the top ranked supplier in the Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software category.

A pioneer in software-as-a-service computing, over 18 years ago we created the first solutions for syndicated lending which then led to the world's first virtual data rooms (VDRs), used to support the complex and highly regulated process of managing strategic financial transactions. Over the years Intralinks Dealspace has become the recognized market-share leader and innovator in the VDR marketplace, used to support over $23.5 trillion in transactions involving over 1.4 billion pages.

Today, Intralinks has grown to support strategic collaboration solutions for a wide range of industries, including financial services, life sciences, technology and manufacturing. More than 2.7 million professionals use our solutions to support mergers and acquisitions, drug discovery, and most recently enterprise collaboration with Intralinks VIA, which helps organizations take lifetime control of their most important information and frees employees to reach new levels of productivity.

Our History

We didn’t become a business standard overnight. See for yourself how our company has transformed the business world over the last 18 years.

Founded: Arthur Scully, John Muldoon and Mark Adams

Major banks deploy Intralinks for Loan Syndication

Acquired Cambridge Technology Vision

AstraZeneca uses Intralinks for drug discovery & development

Creates the world's first virtual data room

Facilitates $5 Trillion in syndicated loan transactions

Acquired by TA Associates, a leading private equity firm

3rd generation platform is successfully launched

IPO: Listed on the NYSE: IL

Ronald W. Hovsepian appointed president, chief executive officer and director

Intralinks VIA launched