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Integration & APIs

Effective inter-enterprise collaboration demands that content flow securely between partners, third parties, customers, and suppliers in order to respond more quickly to internal and external events and out maneuver competitors. Intralinks integration solutions and application programming interfaces (APIs) bring together critical systems to help drive secure collaboration, while leveraging investments in existing enterprise applications.


Access information from any system, and extend it beyond your firewall.

For true, inter-enterprise collaboration, you need to seamlessly integrate various systems, information, and processes. Intralinks integration solutions simplify connecting internal and external applications at a fraction of the cost of complex, custom developed solutions. Easily integrate Intralinks Connect and Intralinks Dealspace.

Intralinks offers three integration options:

Intralinks APIs

A broad set of functionality and a comprehensive API map to manage and control content, users, sessions and system administration. Developed on Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture, Intralinks APIs are web services ready and available to developers to create Intralinks based applications.

Intralinks Integration Adapters

Intralinks Adapters use a client-side .NET application and XML-based file messaging to enable communications between Intralinks and external systems. With our portfolio of adapters and pre-packaged functionality you can quickly build a strong, yet open and flexible technology infrastructure. Build and deploy automated integration with your existing architecture such as existing databases or content management systems to extend your ability to control or share documents, folders, users, groups, permissions, alerts, and reports.

Intralinks Connectors

Intralinks’ out-of-the-box connectors integrate Intralinks solutions with the APIs of several external systems, including Microsoft® SharePoint® and Salesforce.com, without the need for additional hardware or software. Packaged services for file transfer; permissioning, reporting, and workflow enhance your existing software investment.

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