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Corporate finance teams exchange hundreds of sensitive or confidential documents related to financing, audits, restructurings, tax filings, accounting, and reporting. Leaked data can result in serious financial and reputational damage. Intralinks VIA™ Enterprise enables teams to exchange sensitive finance related information securely both inside and outside of the corporate firewall.


Take control of business critical information.

The ungoverned exchange of critical information by corporate finance teams creates significant risks for your organization. Sensitive material can be disclosed, or fall into the hands of a competitor. Additionally, the inadvertent disclosure of information may violate regulatory requirements. Outdated, incorrect or misleading information given to employees, clients, partners, shareholders could potentially damage your share price. Additional hidden costs associated with these risks can include reputational and brand damage brought on by legal and operational problems.

Intralinks helps corporations rapidly, securely, and reliably exchange documents with outside auditors, legal counsel, boards of directors, and executive management. It also provides a precise record of who has viewed what information and when, enabling you to maintain a full audit trail of document access. Our on-demand solutions help you organize, manage, share and track information more efficiently - which accelerates your workflows, optimizes your business processes, and creates new avenues for profit realization. With Intralinks VIA Enterprise companies can make documents ranging from - financial results, to taxation management, stock option compensation records, and annual and quarterly reports – available in a single, centralized repository with access that can be managed down to the document level.

Key benefits include:

  • Create efficiencies for finance operations in the areas of fundraising, audit management, board communication, compliance, and strategic planning.
  • Execute corporate finance deals quickly, and securely with the ability to post and distribute sensitive information related to IPOs, secondary offerings, high-yield deals, private placements, and debt financing
  • Minimize business disruptions and effectively control and manage audits by streamlining the critical information exchange process
  • Support multiple, simultaneous audits, ranging from routine financial statement audits, to banking and internal control audits
  • Distribute compliance reports to the state and federal government in a secure, and auditable measure


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Case Studies

  • Mergers & Acquisitions


    With collaboration a requirement for success, MetLife relies on Intralinks for critical information exchange. The ability to organize, house and share key documents instantaneously has helped transform the company’s M&A activity into a more effective and efficient process.

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