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Intralinks VIA

Intralinks VIA™

Sync, share and manage content in a way that’s built for your business

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Beyond file sync and share

Share business files and collaborate with Intralinks VIA—a simple, secure, and trusted tool accessible online, from your desktop or on your mobile device.

Work on your most sensitive business files while maintaining lifetime control of information, even after you’ve shared them with colleagues and business partners.

File sharing built for your business

Get work done faster

  • Start collaborating through Work Streams with anyone in minutes
  • Sync and access content anytime, anywhere using any device with Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications
  • Use Intralinks Exchanges to create complex folder and permission structures to store, index, publish, protect, and manage content
Get work done faster
  • 99% Fortune 1000 use Intralinks
  • 24/7 support
    (yes, a human voice)
  • 16 years of innovation

Mobile access so you can work confidently anywhere

  • Work securely from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device
  • Access and sync information across mobile devices so remote employees can work with external partners
  • Remove information from devices that you no longer control
  • Erase data automatically on devices once logged-off, session times out, or the third time a wrong password is used
  • “Favorite” files so you can access them offline
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Mobile access so you can work confidently anywhere

Manage risk and stay compliant

  • Maintain lifetime control of all your information at the document level
  • Safeguard your data with bank-grade security
  • Revoke access to files with UNshare™
  • Designate a specific Compliance Officer for the organization
  • Access detailed reports and dashboards for compliance and governance
Manage Risk and Stay Compliant

Administrative tools to manage policies and monitor activities

  • Manage powerful permissioning for both IT Administration and Compliance Officer roles
  • Centrally manage file sharing and team collaboration policies company-wide
  • Prevent files from being synchronized
  • Monitor file sharing activity within your organization and with business partners
  • Provision new accounts easily and quickly
Administrative tools to manage policies and monitor activities

Reduce IT and operational complexity

  • Consolidate multiple point solutions on one robust, secure cloud content platform
  • Create and control user access quickly and easily
  • Integrate easily with your internal content sources like Microsoft SharePoint®
  • Reduce IT resource costs for user support with 24/7 customer service
  • Have identity and access management across all devices with remote wipe capabilities
Reduce IT and operational Complexity

Intralinks VIA is a full-featured secure collaboration platform.

Intralinks VIA Enterprise adds administrative tools for organizational management and reporting. Compare and see which is right for your workplace.

VIA™ and Enterprise Features
VIA™ and Enterprise Features

Live Customer Support

  • 24/7/365 support for anyone who uses Intralinks VIA – including your business partners
  • Our staff is available to help in 140 languages
  • FAQs, get started guides & onboarding videos available online
Live Customer Support

Some of our customers include:

Essex Industries

Essex Industries replaces an unreliable FTP site with Intralinks VIA for secure, yet easy-to-use file sharing with external clients and partners.

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McLaren Mercedes

McLaren Mercedes drives innovation with secure collaboration from Intralinks.

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