Invepar — en Inglés

Invepar genera rentabilidad para sus accionistas atendiendo a millones de usuarios a través de sus servicios, desarrollos e inversiones.

Invepar creates profitability for shareholders by serving millions of users through their services, developments and investments. This case study details how Invepar uses Intralinks tools beyond the typical legal or deal transaction to save time and resources. 

The Situation

The Invepar business team is constantly evaluating contracts, market opportunities and managing investor requirements. With all the sensitive documents involved, Invepar needed a tool that would allow the company to safely structure projects and manage project licensing online. Considering the impact of the content that needed to be shared by different and strict teams, the solution would have to be fast, easy and completely secure so as to not compromise the integrity of any plans or investor information among several simultaneous deployments.

The Problem

Keeping restricted content confidential was always difficult throughout the concessions management process. Invepar required a tool that possessed sufficient technical capabilities and that allowed the business team to adequately set user access in order to manage the concession process with confidence.

The Solution

One option was highly recommended to Invepar by the capital market advisors: Intralinks. So Invepar did their own, intense technical evaluation of IntraLinks. After comparing its security capabilities and resources to other available tools in the market, they found Intralinks met every one of their strict requirements. For them, Intralinks’ Connect product was right for them. It was safe, user- friendly and perfectly scalable to their needs as their user base grows. 

The Benefits

Setup of user groups and permissions settings on Intralinks Connect was extremely easy and fast thanks to a customizable and intuitive user interface. Today, the business team can create and secure a new project in just a few minutes, on-demand. Exchanging project data is completely secure, with all documents trackable by audit trails. The Invepar team can also restrict viewing, forwarding —even printing— on any document or any user. The agility Intralinks Connect offered Invepar replaced the long learning curves and constant verification of document review by users.

The Results

Today, Invepar has several national and international projects—such as their concession processes for the Guarulhos International Airport and the Transolimpica Highway— running on Intralinks. Intralinks lets Invepar save time on all the projects that have a defined timeframe and different user groups. Because of its easy adaptability, Invepar is evaluating the expansion of another Intralinks product, Intralinks Courier, throughout other areas of the company.