Pacific Infrastructure – en anglais

Pacific Infrastructure s’engage dans un vaste projet de construction de port qui donnera bientôt naissance au plus grand port du pays avec infrastructures spécialisées pour la manutention du pétrole brut et des dérivés, et qui sera disponible au public. 

"As a company with limited resources, Intralinks helped us leverage technology and optimize our resources without having to divert resources toward managing the platform on a fulltime basis. We were able to get the right information to the right people, and information moving freely, and securely throughout our bid process."

– Alejandro Sinisterra, Finance Director, Pacific Infrastructure

The breakthrough $200+ million port project demanded a professional-grade document repository, paired with a dealmaking and exchange platform that allowed maximum control and efficiency throughout a time-sensitive engineering, construction, and contractor bidding process. 

The Problem

Pacific Infrastructure needed a sophisticated tool to help manage an EPC construction bidding process in order to attract international contractors and produce high quality offers at a competitive cost. The company needed to appeal to potential contractors as a professional organization with a superior document exchange and repository platform that could be easily used for all bidders. Secure, remote access to documents was also a vital part of appealing to potential international bidders.

The Implications

Time was in short supply. Roadblocks and delays were not an option. Without a proper document exchange solution, important milestones involving multiple construction firms and consortiums would be missed. Critical and time-sensitive documentation had to be exchanged quickly in order to maintain progress. Without an advanced, collaborative and deal-making platform, the process for an entire $200+ million project could be delayed.

The Solution

Using Intralinks, Pacific Infrastructure now had a bidding platform it could use to quickly and safely upload hundreds of pages of confidential engineering and construction documentation. This facilitated the EPC construction bidding process, while giving Pacific Infrastructure its desired control over content, and the flexibility of remote and mobile access. An Intralinks solution helped the company make sure the right information got to the right partners with the degree of transparency and professionalism they needed to portray to inspire bidder confidence. 

The Result

With Intralinks as their main repository for information, Pacific Infrastructure was able to maximize their resources and ensure that many different bidders could have varying levels of access to information based on their interest in the deal. Intralinks’ intuitive interface helped to expedite communication, and helped to streamline the deal. 

The Benefits

Intralinks’ repository and collaborative solutions ensured that Pacific Infrastructure could quickly, and securely, upload and share information while maintaining control and security. Intralinks also provided an easy to use platform that could support future phases of their project.