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Alors qu’elle cherchait un acheteur pour une grande entreprise de ciment, la plus grande société du Chili, Carey y Cia, a choisi Intralinks pour soutenir le processus de due diligence.  

"After this big transaction, we are highly recommending Intralinks for all the other lawyers here in Carey.” 

– Alejandro Edwrds, Associate Attorney, Carey y Cia

With easy-to-use tools and 24/7 customer support the company quickly organized and launched a secure, online dataroom. In half the time it would have taken with a paper-based dataroom, the company found a buyer and completed the sale. 

The Situation

Over the last decade, Carey y Cia has facilitated a number of major mergers and acquisitions that have been instrumental in redesigning the Chilean economy. As a prominent law firm, it was no longer feasible to continue using a traditional, paper-based dataroom for client deals.

The Problem

Carey y Cia needed to quickly find a buyer for a prominent cement company.

The Implications

Four serious bidders, located in different parts of the world, were identified. Using a physical dataroom to conduct due diligence would have been a logistical nightmare, trying to schedule multiple parties to come to Chile to review the confidential information. In addition, the deal involved a large amount of sensitive data. Providing interested parties and their review teams with ample time to examine paper documents would have stretched out the deal’s timeline — something their client did not want.

The Solution

The firm chose Intralinks as its virtual dataroom. Within days, thousands of documents were scanned and uploaded to the exchange. With Intralinks Designer, the Carey team was able to easily add documents to the exchange, regardless of their technical ability. In addition, Intralinks was on-hand 24/7 to provide the team with training and support, including guidance on best practices for indexing and organizing its client’s documents.

The Result

In just two months a buyer was found for the cement company — a process that would have typically taken four months with their previous paper-based process. By using Intralinks, the various bidders and their teams could access everything from their desktops simultaneously. This reduced the overall review time and eliminated much of the expense incurred by a paper dataroom. 

The Benefit

Firstly, interested parties were, in most cases, already Intralinks users and could employ their single Intralinks password to access the familiar platform. In addition, having numerous files organized in a logical and efficient manner helped both bidders and the deal team quickly find and reference information, further facilitating an efficient due diligence process. Throughout the process, IntraLinks’ permissioning feature allowed the Carey team to restrict printing and limit access to certain documents— something they would not have been able to do with a paper dataroom. Having clear visibility into who had what access, and the ability to quickly add and change group permission and document protection levels ensured maximum security and control throughout the process.