The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI) — en Inglés

The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI) eligió a Intralinks® para llevar eficiencia al lugar de trabajo.

The decision streamlined and accelerated JEGI’s media M&A deal processes, saving valuable time and ensuring a thorough and accurate due diligence process. 

The Situation

JEGI, the leading provider of independent investment banking services for media, information, marketing services, and related technologies, was looking for a more efficient solution to manage the M&A due diligence process for its large volume of high profile clients. Prior to the availability of virtual data rooms, and JEGI’s relationship with Intralinks, the information sharing process involved laborious photocopying of deal information, physical folder management, and constant updating of folder indexes. For some transactions, a single set of data was used and tightly monitored in a controlled environment. For other transactions, multiple sets of data room materials were mailed to prospective buyers with read-only material maintained in the controlled physical environment or data room.

The Problem

The traditional paper-based method of creating and maintaining physical data rooms to support the due diligence process was time consuming, inefficient, and prone to clerical error. It restricted control over information and the monitoring of interest from prospective buyers. The process was constraining for prospective buyers as well.

The Implications

JEGI’s selection of Intralinks as its platform provider allowed JEGI to become an expert with one platform and work with one provider. With Intralinks, the M&A information-sharing process is conducted on-demand, providing all deal participants with a platform for working more efficiently.

The Solution

Intralinks’ document-level security and individual permissioning allows JEGI to control important information, protecting the confidentiality of deals and client data.

The Result

Providing prospective buyers with secure access to marketing and due diligence materials any time and anywhere contributes to the acceleration of the M&A process. This is a critical element amid a challenging economic climate in which business conditions can change quickly. JEGI can now complete the due diligence process in as little as two weeks, compared with the four-plus weeks it previously required

The Benefit

Many of JEGI’s clients and buyers, including private equity investors and large strategic corporations, are familiar with Intralinks’ virtual data rooms, which makes it easier to conduct a smooth due diligence process. In addition, JEGI takes advantage of coordinator rights offered by Intralinks and creates exchanges on its own. This allows JEGI to further control the due diligence process and operate as efficiently and quickly as possible on its clients’ behalf. Exchanges are created from JEGI’s configured templates in minutes, and content built out in just a matter of hours.