Albertsons LLC / Klaff Realty, LP — em Inglês

Com a necessidade de administrar a sua carteira recém adquirida de 700 propriedades individuais de supermercado, a Albertsons sabia que precisaria substituir os seus processos manuais de due diligence e compartilhamento de informações.

The Situation

A consortium of investors including Cerberus Capital Management, Klaff Realty, Lubert-Adler Partners, Kimco Realty, and Schottenstein Stores, managed the 700 properties collaboratively, each company having responsibility for different areas of the business. As a result, hundreds of people around the country needed to review and share critical information relating to the 700 stores. 

The Problem

The group needed a better solution to organize, store and provide access to the massive amounts of data. With hundreds of people needing access to a vast information library, the group turned to Intralinks.

The Implications

Burning and mailing CDs was time-intensive and proved to be a headache. Often, after hours were spent preparing and shipping information, additional documents would be requested. Security risks created additional concerns as much of the information sent included confidential details. Mailing hard copies eliminated control over who ultimately had access to them. 

The Solution

The consortium leveraged Intralinks Dealspace as a corporate repository to facilitate information-sharing and to manage the hundreds of thousands of documents involved in the deal. The vast document library was organized into separate exchanges for each of the five Albertsons operating divisions. Each housed multiple property-level folders containing all documents related to the individual stores including architectural drawings and plans, operational information, leases, legal documents, appraisals, aerial photos and market demographics. Each provided strict identity and password protection, document-level permissioning, activity monitoring and the ability to protect sensitive files from unauthorized redistribution.

The Result

Today consortium members and external advisors, no matter where they are located, have immediate access to important documents. Information requests can be fulfilled in seconds. New documents are posted to the property folder and the system notifies permissioned users via email that new information has been posted.

The Benefit

With Intralinks’ unique tiered permissioning, a high level of security is maintained to ensure no one can view information for which they are not authorized. Additionally, pages within documents can be watermarked with customized text, a date stamp and the viewer’s identity. The consortium also uses Intralinks to facilitate due diligence when selling properties. Potential buyers receive access to specific information folders. Rather than spending hours creating and monitoring paper datarooms, the consortium provides access to interested suitors with just a few mouse clicks.