Besserer Datenraum: Best Practices zur Senkung von Kosten, Risiken und Zeitaufwand bei der Einrichtung eines virtuellen Datenraums – auf Englisch

In diesem Dokument wird die Gestaltung eines besseren virtuellen Datenraums beschrieben. Dazu werden Best Practices für die Einrichtung, Organisation und Verwaltung eines VDR erläutert, mit denen sich Kosten, Risiken und Zeitaufwand senken lassen.

This document discusses how to create a better virtual data room, including best practices for building, organizing and managing a VDR in order to reduce costs, risks and effort.

Speed and accuracy in sharing information are critical attributes of the modern M&A process. Today, Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) have become the industry standard for information sharing. Compared to a physical data room, VDRs are set up faster, save travel time and expense, and make administration easier and less costly. More importantly, they enable more deals to be conducted simultaneously within a shorter time frame.

But while VDRs offer many advantages over paper-based datarooms, accuracy and quality are still overarching requirements to lessen the chance of making costly mistakes and missteps during the deal process. This paper outlines a set of best practices to consider when building, organizing and managing a VDR in order to reduce costs, risk and effort.