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最強の対抗者: NSAプログラムとテクニックが教えてくれる、データプライバシーおよびエンタープライスコラボレーションの教訓


Protecting your data in the age of the NSA and PRISM

Most organizations have no plan in place for reacting to a government request for data. How should companies prepare to deal with this issue? What steps can be taken to protect data? How you view and understand the role of the National Security Agency (NSA) matters when it comes to protecting your data.

In this article, we examine the potential threat the NSA poses to your organization and your customers. The PRISM controversy revealed the NSA as a potential adversary – and there are additional covert surveillance programs to be aware of: TAO, Muscular, XKeyscore, Dishfire and Bullrun.

You’ll learn how you are better placed to be protected against unknown, possibly more sinister attackers when you protect your organization against the NSA programs. This informative report gives you the steps to consider when assessing and protecting your data from covert intrusions.