Gerenciamento de documentos seguro e em conformidade entre empresas: 1ª Parte — em Inglês

Esta série de white papers discute como o ambiente global de negócios atual, cada vez mais turbulento e competitivo, está aumentando a necessidade de um modo novo, mais eficiente e mais eficaz de trocar informações e ideias entre as empresas.

In this increasingly global and competitive business environment, the need to efficiently and effectively exchange information and ideas with anyone, anytime is an imperative. 

Successful managers must take full advantage of resources provided by a whole host of external parties, including consultants, subcontractors, partners, clients, advisors, suppliers, investors and more. This dynamic is driving corporations of all sizes to seek new methods of collaboration inside and outside the four walls of the traditional workplace.

Businesses that share a high volume of proprietary information across multiple companies are in acute need of tools enabling a streamlined process and meeting information protection, security and compliance requirements. For results-focused business managers, a solution meeting these criteria and facilitating fast, easy and cost-effective implementation is critical.

The business-critical and document-centric processes that can benefit from a new document exchange approach include:

  • Financial transactions (acquisitions, divestitures, loan and lease syndication, real estate sales, capital raising, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance and audit processes
  • Alliance, partnership, joint venture and licensing management
  • RFP and large-scale project management
  • Investor reporting and board of directors communication