イントラリンクス、Mergermarket、一流の専門家と一緒に、2012年の取引決定の良かった例と悪かった例について、活動と重大ニュースを振り返ります。 また、今後の展望についても語ります。

Join Intralinks, mergermarket and leading professionals as they review the activity and headline news of 2012’s dealmaking hits and misses. The group also provided an outlook for the year ahead.

What was discussed:

Winter: A mild winter was matched by tepid M&A activity in 2012: Will dealmakers hibernate in 2013 or brave the conditions?

Spring: What sectors came into bloom? Intralinks Deal Flow Indicator suggests industrials and manufacturing are still going strong

Summer: The heat of the summer - How has private equity investment in the regions been faring?

Fall: Election fever in the US gripped the markets for much of 2012, how will the certainty of the next four years impact dealmaking?