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Client Testimonial: Lloyds Banking Group’s BM Solutions Streamlines Broker Communications with Intralinks [Video]

How one mortgage company became more efficient – and more competitive – by implementing a broker portal.

BM Solutions Intralinks Client Testimonial

“We were a very paper-based operation, typically running off the back of fax machines ... often struggling with the quality of documentation. And the time it took to get the fax from its landing point into the business could often take a couple of days.” – Derek Burt, head of mortgage operations, SLO Lloyds Banking Group

Edinburgh-based BM Solutions, a mortgage servicing division of Lloyds Banking Group, needed a digital solution to streamline and upgrade processes and communications with its brokers – in a very competitive environment, where loss of business to other banks was a constant and growing risk.

Lloyds was already using Intralinks successfully for secure document exchange in high-value transactions. So it was a natural step to leverage Intralinks secure portal solution as single, simple platform for brokers and colleagues to upload information, monitor progress, and communicate efficiently.

In this video, the BMS team describes how they use Intralinks’ portal solution to accelerate business processes and simplify the customer journey — in short, to keep their brokers happy, successful and returning with more business.