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SS&C Intralinks Proves Expertise in M&A Process During Business Sale

How a seller leveraged Deal Services to expedite a critical transaction with a competitor.

Intralinks M&A Deal Services

In a recent video interview with Dr. Rainer Koll-Möllenhoff, head of M&A (legal) and Financing at a Germany-based retailer, he shares his experience as a client of SS&C Intralinks, using our technology and Deal Services to address a critical business issue — the sale of a business to a competitor that required the redaction of thousands of sensitive documents, a task too large for his deal team to handle.

Working in partnership with Intralinks, Dr. Koll-Möllenhoff describes how his firm was able to get the transaction across the finish line. Intralinks' artificial intelligence (AI) redaction tech and commitment to providing award-winning customer support helped Dr. Koll-Möllenhoff feel confident in the process from start to finish.


Dr. Rainer Koll-Möllenhoff: The critical business issue we were looking to solve was that we had a business to sell and one of the potential bidders was a competitor of this business. So, one of the major assets of the business are lease agreements of more than 300 shops. And our management didn't feel comfortable to share information like the term of the lease agreements, the landlords … they were afraid the bidder would take this information and try to get to the shops.

So, the real estate department had filled the [virtual] data room (VDRs) with their electronic files. They had just copied all the files that they had to the data room, and we ended up with more than 7,500 files and 65,000 pages.

We simply didn't have the capacity to do all the blacklining [redacting] that was necessary.

The overall experience [with Intralinks] was really great. I was very satisfied with how you ran the process. And I was also very satisfied with the result. As a client, I could feel that you absolutely knew what you were doing. You came up with a lot of questions and that was good. 

We defined a lot of detail in the beginning. And I had a good feeling about the whole process right from the start. We had a constant flow of information, and you would come back with additional questions when you saw certain problems and it made me feel that you cared about the result.

I really always had the feeling that it was important to you that you would bring up a very good product that the result would absolutely satisfy me.

Companies should choose to work with Intralinks because you know what you're doing. You understand the needs of the client. You know about the M&A process. You know what is important and you care about the service that you deliver. That's what I as a client could feel and what made me confident that you would do what you had to do in due time and that you would solve my problem. And you did.

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