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Embracing Digital Transformation in Alternative Investments Communication

Fund managers can satisfy investors' demands by leveraging portals like InvestorVision.

Intralinks InvestorVision Alternative Investments Communication

An investor portal is not optional in today’s market; a proprietary portal is now an essential component of every general partner’s (GPs) communication toolset. Over the last several years, there has been a move toward greater transparency in the private equity (PE) industry, and savvy GPs are using investor portals to meet this demand and enable the dissemination of important information to their limited partners (LPs). In the current climate, where forward-thinking firms are focused on digital transformation to create value, GPs with an existing investor portal are finding it easier to meet the challenges of engaging with their investors.

Economic uncertainty is also causing LPs to carefully re-evaluate their allocations and exposures. Given the intricacy of investing in multiple funds, LPs increasingly require on-demand access to data to evaluate their portfolio’s performance so they can make informed decisions. 

The knock-on effect of all this activity is that GPs are seeing a significant uptick in demand for more frequent touchpoints and deeper analysis concerning the performance of their funds and underlying portfolios. Investor relations teams need to find ways to satisfy this increased demand in the most efficient way possible, and investor portals are generally their tool of choice. GPs can publish financial and performance documents to their portal, making data available to their broad investor base quickly. In addition, GPs can communicate market updates and other announcements to the investor community, so that investors feel more connected and informed.

From an LP’s perspective, portals are a convenient way to retrieve current updates as well as review historical information concerning their GPs. The Intralinks InvestorVision portal, for example, allows investors to easily filter and search through all documents to pinpoint required information quickly without the need to continuously click through multiple file folders. This functionality gives LPs a structured and accessible means of information retrieval that enables them to make the best decisions for their investments and have increased transparency with fund managers.

Investor portals make sense now more than ever. A best-in-class portal can seamlessly integrate with other systems using application programming interfaces (APIs). Using an API in an investor portal facilitates seamless integration with external financial data sources, enabling real-time updates on market trends, stock prices and relevant news. This enhances the portal's functionality, providing LPs with timely and accurate information to make well-considered decisions, ultimately improving the overall user experience and satisfaction.

SS&C Intralinks has been enabling GP-to-LP communication for over 20 years. With the InvestorVision solution, we continue to offer the best-in-class investor portals that elevate information transmission and transparency in investor relationships.

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