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Deal management is a complicated, unwieldy process, especially when you’re handling multiple deals at once. To manage deals and loan originations effectively, you need to be able to match borrowers and investors, develop pitches that have a higher probability of closing, and spend less time building your book and more time building relationships.

Intralinks, our deal management software, provides all the tools you need to move from pitch to deal execution more efficiently than with a traditional deal management system. It’s time to exchange your complicated spreadsheets and standalone applications for an easy-to-use, highly connected deal management platform that does it all.

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Intralinks’ deal management solution streamlines complex processes.

Intralinks provides a secure SaaS-based deal management software platform that simplifies the way organizations use, manage and share information. Our deal flow management software enables dealmakers and loan officers to execute deals more efficiently, and provides sophisticated tools and a best-in-class loan platform for syndicated loan professionals. With Intralinks, you gain better insights into client interactions, so you can connect borrowers and investors more effectively.

Intralinks’ corporate development software gives you all the tools you need to optimize the financing process during loan origination and execution while improving regulatory risk management. Quickly determine who’s out, who’s in, and for how much. Gain marketing insights, broader visibility and tighter control across the deal lifecycle with access to all of your historical information on one secure deal management platform.

Key benefits of deal management software from Intralinks.

With deal management software from Intralinks, you can:

  • Enhance insight: Gain accurate, real-time visibility into deals and dynamic market environments.
  • Manage deals: Handle every stage of the deal lifecycle, from pre-mandate and capital raising to closing, servicing and accounting.
  • Improve data management: Record deal characteristics, gauge investor interest, manage allocations, and track conversations with potential borrowers and investors.
  • Take control: Configure file access and document permissions, both inside and outside your organization.
  • Streamline operations: Integrate workflows of the entire deal team, including client relationship managers, origination and syndicate members and salespersons.

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