ALT 2023 LP Survey Report Featured

SS&C Intralinks 2023 LP Survey

What General Partners Need to Know About Their Investors

Each year, SS&C Intralinks, in association with Private Equity Wire, polls limited partners (LPs) worldwide to understand their allocation plans and fund preferences for the coming 12 months.

This year, we surveyed 200 investors globally, across every private market and asset class, for an insider’s view of their sentiments toward their current funds, how they select GPs, and what will drive their future decisions.

Get exclusive insights on key topics, including:

  • Alternative investments fund performance vs. expectations
  • Rollover investments and private equity continuation funds
  • Why 70 percent of LPs expect to increase allocations to alternatives in the next 12 months
  • Why over half of polled investors say they’ll expand their GP relationships in 2023
  • Why transparency is the new must-have communication and data tool for LPs
  • Why 49 percent of LPs plan to increase their ESG due diligence when dealing with GPs

Download this report today. Gain inside knowledge of your LPs’ thinking and plans.