GPCR Therapeutics Optimizes the Joint Development of New Drugs Using Intralinks’ Virtual Data Room

GPCR Therapeutics (GPCR) has adopted Intralinks’ Virtual Data Room as its dedicated platform for secure document sharing, to enable seamless collaboration between its headquarters, affiliated companies in the United States as well as its overseas business partners.


GPCR Therapeutics

About GPCR Therapeutics, Inc.

Founded in 2013, GPCR Therapeutics is a bio-venture company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, specializing in the discovery and development of anti-cancer drugs. Specifically, the firm focuses its efforts on novel therapeutics targeting GPCR heteromers in cancer. In 2021, GPCR established a branch office in San Francisco, equipped with independent R&D facilities, where the firm runs its clinical development efforts. 


Discovering new therapies requires the constant exchange of clinical trial data between GPCR and numerous entities, including its subsidiary in the U.S. as well as external parties such as contract research organizations (CROs) and contract development manufacturing organizations (CDMOs). Doing so via email or low-security servers was putting the organization’s intellectual property (IP), clinical data and compliance standing at risk. 

As the firm continued to expand over the past decade, it became increasingly difficult to maintain its data repository and ensure the right people had access to the right documents based on their job responsibilities. GPCR needed a secure, compliant platform to deposit, manage and share trial data and other documents across international borders – one that met regulatory requirements and served the business objective of bringing the new drugs to market in a timely manner.


To enable more effective collaboration and file sharing, GPCR adopted SS&C Intralinks’ VIA EliteTM platform as its secure document repository. VIA Elite allows project owners to add or remove participants within a workspace, or at the file level, through intuitive permission controls. In addition, the platform automatically tracks user activity in real time, keeping a record of who accesses files and when. These capabilities eliminate the need to manually verify that documents reach the right partners when they’re supposed to – all while creating an audit-ready archive of all activity within the data room. 

To simplify the onboarding process, the Intralinks Professional Services team helped GPCR Therapeutics establish its standard operating procedures (SOP) implementation manual and archiving practices. GPCR and its partners can now quickly and easily share large files such as key corporate information, research data and clinical trial results – accelerating the development process and reducing the security risks associated with traditional file sharing methods. 


The GPCR Therapeutics team found VIA Elite to be intuitive to adopt – both internally and with remote partners. The already-wide familiarity with Intralinks has made onboarding partners to new projects even easier, as many have prior knowledge of the platform. VIA Elite continues to drive the development of new drugs by enabling easy and secure clinical trial review, collaboration among business partners, and joint research and licensing. 

To ensure GCPR gets maximum leverage from the platform, Intralinks service managers are always available to provide support in a timely manner, whether its scheduling product demos or troubleshooting a specific issue. And with Intralinks’ proven track record of providing bank-grade data protection, GPCR can trust VIA Elite to keep business-critical documents secure both in storage and in transit.