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2021 DCM Investor Survey

What’s Ahead for the Debt Capital Markets?


In the past year of pandemic-driven upheaval, which has changed more? Debt markets or the way investors work in them? The answer of course is both, and the reasons are intertwined: the same COVID-19 that is attacking valuations and bloating inventories is also driving dealmaking off familiar paths to remote working environments.

As the markets shift uneasily under the stern gaze of an uncertain future, what are the emerging opportunities that are catching investors’ eyes? And in an industry where so much depends on the personal touch, how are investors responding to impersonal, hands-off dealmaking?

Read the results of our 2021 DCM Investor Survey, conducted and published in association with Institutional Asset Manager, for direct insight from over 100 debt capital markets (DCM) investors worldwide across a diverse range of asset types. Discover how increasing market pressures and other industry influences have shaped investors’ asset class preferences, allocation plans and new expectations around due diligence, reporting, transparency and communication. Discover:

  • Current and future preferred asset classes among institutional investors
  • How the debt portion of institutional portfolios have been impacted by COVID-19
  • Are new technologies delivering according to investors’ expectations?
  • The three greatest worries on investors’ minds today
  • Actionable insights for issuers across all asset classes

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