Investment Prospects for Hydrogen in Germany

Renewable hydrogen will play a major role in Germany’s future sustainable power grid and industrial infrastructure. Where are the smartest opportunities for investors?

Alongside greener electricity, renewable hydrogen will be a significant pillar of a decarbonized Germany, cleanly powering many industrial processes and replacing much of the conventional hydrogen, gas, coal and oil fuels in the consumer energy sector.

From an investment perspective, how is this new subsector evolving? Where are the best opportunities right now – and where are the capital flows proving most effective in helping to develop this nascent and accelerating market, ensuring adoption and sustainable returns?

Read this new article from Frontier Economics, Investment Prospects for Hydrogen in Germany, for an in-depth exploration of the current and future states of the clean hydrogen market in Germany, including:

  • The present and forecasted size of the renewable hydrogen market
  • Which energy companies will be the key energy players on the new grid
  • How conventional producers are retooling for renewable hydrogen production and distribution
  • The roles of private equity and M&A in driving hydrogen development
  • Emerging regulatory questions and government incentivization

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