European M&A Keeps Its Frantic Pace

The past year brought unprecedented impacts to every M&A sector across Europe, resulting in new opportunities and challenges – even changes to the way we do business. What does the year ahead hold? 

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A pandemic, stringent new regulations, market meltdowns, federal intervention, SPACs. To say it was a year of upheaval in M&A would be a vast understatement. How have the markets landed? What are the conditions today? And what is the way forward for M&A dealmakers? 

We gathered five top M&A practitioners and prognosticators for an open and in-depth roundtable discussion on the present and future states of dealmaking in Europe: 

  • Birger Berendes, co-head of M&A for EMEA, Bank of America 
  • Julia Crawley-Boevey, head of M&A, Dentsu 
  • Stephen Long, head of M&A, TMF Group 
  • Bob Petrocchi, co-head of business, SS&C Intralinks 
  • Claire Wills, partner, Freshfields 
  • Becky Pritchard, journalist and moderator 

Watch now the executive summary featuring the highlights of this pivotal discussion, including the challenges and opportunities of increasing valuations, the rise of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), the surge in private equity, pent-up demand, remote dealmaking, predictions for the year ahead and more. 


  • 50 minutes

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