Photos of InvestorVision Solution Webinar Speakers

Introducing Intralinks’ NEW InvestorVision Solution

Modernize your investor communications.

Discover how you can elevate and streamline your entire fund reporting process and keep up with investor requests for more in-depth investment data, better transparency and faster communications.

Watch our webinar to learn more about Intralinks’ InvestorVision solution that enables you to:

  • Deliver the highest quality, modern user experience to your investors that streamlines communications and reporting
  • Upload investor-specific reports quickly and efficiently using a web-based Filesplit tool
  • Provide an easy-to-use platform for investors to quickly search for relevant information across funds
  • Allow simplified access for investors with a single login

Original broadcast date:
17 June 2020

30 minutes


Kevin Faroni
SS&C Intralinks
Director, Business Development

Rekha Depala
SS&C Intralinks
Senior Sales Engineer

Lalitha Balasubramhanya
SS&C Intralinks
Principal Product Manager

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