Navigating Digital Transformation in Alternative Investments

Today’s rapidly advancing digital landscape requires digitally savvy market participants. How do you use technology to stay competitive and satisfy stakeholders’ changing requirements?

SS&C Intralinks recently hosted an insightful webinar showcasing expert insights into utilizing digital transformation to make better-informed decisions in dealmaking, due diligence, fundraising, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance and ESG. The topics discussed on this webinar included:

  • Tech considerations when investing in portfolio companies
  • Risks associated with not prioritizing digital transformation
  • Artificial intelligence’s (AI) role in digital adoption
  • Utilizing technology to address limited partners’ (LP) growing demand for data and transparency


  • Calvin Wong, Senior Director, Aon Growth Ventures
  • David Kereiakes, Managing Partner, Windham Venture Partners
  • Danielle Valkner, Partner, PwC
  • Mark Nafash, Sales Manager, Alternative Investments, SS&C Intralinks


  • 50 minutes

Watch the Webinar Replay