Partnering to Solve More than Pandemic-Driven Problems

Our recent webinar, co-sponsored by Lendit, explored the changing partnership model and some of the key lessons learned from the last year. The bottom line? Unless banks and their technology partners work better together, neither can fully succeed.

Agility is one of the clearest lessons learned from our collective experience these last 18 months. Banks and financial institutions and fintechs with solid partnerships in place were able to pivot, adapt and thrive during that challenging period.

Fintechs helped banks and other operationally complex organizations quickly digitize paper-based processes, manage remote customer onboarding, collaborate securely to move transactions forward, and more. What differentiates successful organizations – whether pre/during/post-pandemic – is not a model, but their ability to leverage the right partnerships to reduce friction, sustain buy-in, and operate flexibly.

This webinar examines the changing partnership model and some of the key lessons learned from the last year, including:

  • Primary drivers to a successful partnership
  • Using honest and transparent communication to build trust
  • Competitive overlap will happen, be prepared

Running time

  • 60 minutes


  • Peter Keevil, Sales Manager, Intralinks
  • Ravi Vakacheria, Business Transformation Office, Peoples United Bank
  • Dan Allred, Senior Market Manager, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Denada Ramnishta, SVP of Partner Lender Strategy, Lendio

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