Powering Forward: M&A and Financing Opportunities Within Energy and Renewables

SS&C Intralinks recently hosted an engaging panel discussion where dealmakers explored the M&A and financing outlook for Energy and Renewables. 

The topics industry experts discussed included:

  • How sustainability and recent green legislation are affecting dealmaking activity in the industry
  • What recent big-ticket oil acquisitions reveal about the overall M&A landscape
  • How energy companies are broadening their portfolios through renewables
  • The top risks and challenges presented by energy and renewables projects 


  • Ben Berkowitz, Vice President, BP Energy Partners
  • Eric Scheriff, Senior Managing Director, Capstone
  • Jim Rebello, Global Head of Energy M&A, Duff & Phelps


  • Gary Moorhead, Principal Account Executive and Energy Lead, SS&C Intralinks


  • 60 minutes

Watch the Webinar Replay