Selecting the Right Investor Portal

Investor communication portals have come a long way in a short time. Is yours up to speed and keeping you competitive?


Over the past year, rapid tech advances – driven by investors’ rising expectations for ever more fund data and transparency and a better user experience – have spawned a new generation of investor reporting portals.

Successful fund managers are now providing LPs with custom reporting programs, fund data on-demand, and productivity tools like performance dashboards – all through modern, intuitive user interfaces that keep investors happy and coming back.

Download our new white paper, Selecting the Right Investor Portal, for guidance on the key capabilities an investor communications portal must have to keep GPs effective and competitive. Yours should:

  • Deliver a best-in-class investor experience
  • Support global reporting standards and templates favored by LPs
  • Provide secure transparency into funds and underlying holdings
  • Integrate easily with the global investment community

Keep up with investors’ expectations and stay competitive. Download this new white paper today.

Download the white paper