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Streamlining the Investor Onboarding Process

How to bring investors into your fund easier and put capital to work faster.


Get a competitive advantage and maximize investor returns with a secure digital onboarding solution that LPs want and expect.

Traditionally, investor onboarding has not been top-of-mind for fund managers, and migrating from clunky and risky manual processes to streamlined digital platforms has not been a priority.

But the pandemic changed all that. With the advent of remote working, a new generation of digital investor relations tools has sprung up, enabling fund managers to attract and bring on new investors easier, communicate faster and even cast a wider net for new capital – which is currently reaching record levels of dry powder.

Download our new white paper, Streamlining the Investor Onboarding Process, produced in association with Private Equity Wire, for expert advice and guidance from top fund managers on how to select, implement and optimize the right digital onboarding solution, including:

  • Automating routine onboarding tasks, accelerating the process and reducing errors
  • Creating customized user profiles for a better investor experience
  • Getting investment capital onboarded into the fund faster
  • Migrating investor communications from email to a single, secure digital portal
  • Leveraging innovations like digitization of the KYC process, electronic signature collection and secure video conferencing

Learn about digital investor onboarding. Download this new white paper today

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