Australian Corporate Lawyers Association

Intralinks VIAは、Australian Corporate Lawyers Association (ACLA)に理事会メンバーとのコミュニケーションを合理化するツールを提供しました。 

By utilizing Intralinks VIA, a leading secure, cloud-based online platform, ACLA is reducing the time it takes to share data with its board members, while providing a more sustainable means to do business. 

"Our President loves Intralinks and endorses it to all of the board members. Because the platform is so robust, she’s an advocate for it and the entire board is engaged in using the system. The benefit of being able to deliver documents to board members anywhere and at anytime was helpful. Our board packets are in PDF and PowerPoint, and we can now ensure that members can access them from anywhere in a more secure manner.” 

– Trish Hyde, CEO, Australian Corporate Lawyers Association


The Problem

The Australian Corporate Lawyers Association quickly realized they needed to resolve the way they managed board data access online, and to give board members an easier way to access information such as organizational charters and board packets. in the past, board packets consisted of ten different documents with a total of 100 pages. Board members consistently struggled with firewall issues, access restrictions, and ease of access to information. Prior practices resulted in delays in the distribution of information, and increased manual overhead.

The Implications

The Australian Corporate Lawyers Association turned to Intralinks for a better solution for delivering large board packs to board members and ensuring that their information was managed with the strictest security. ACLA’s Board members reside in different states and are always on the go, so managing and accessing documents proved to be a difficult challenge with the current application. this resulted in delays with content retrieval during meetings and created security concerns.

The Solution

Intralinks’ software-as-a-service platform provides easy access to the organization’s PDF and PowerPoint® documents from a range of devices, including iPads®, smart phones, and laptops. By having unlimited data upload on one secure and easy-to- use portal, ACLA was able to work faster, manage data more efficiently, and share content in a more secure manner. they also were able to upload and manage board related content from prior years. “our board members love using Intralinks. even knowing that they will be able to use their iPads—means that they don’t have to be in front of a computer to view and download documents,” Trish Hyde, CEO, Australian Corporate Lawyers Association.

The Result

Intralinks has been able to help ACLA manage information governance by giving them the ability to exchange data anywhere in the world. The organization now has the capacity to effectively meet the needs of its board members by having a platform that provides easy access to information in a timely and secure approach. As a small organization, according to Hyde, the ability to do this makes them very effective. She also feels that it resonates with ACLA members because there are a lot of regulations that lawyers have to comply with and they can use Intralinks to help manage their compliance obligations.

The Benefit

The organization has not only saved time by using Intralinks, they have introduced an element of sustainability into their business practices. By having one simple platform that ACLA board members can access, files became quicker to send and easier to retrieve. For instance, Intralinks provided a repository for storing board papers and official documents including the ACLA board charter, constitution and mission statement. every board pack from the last two years has been uploaded on Intralinks creating one portal for board members. Board members have found the mobile application to be environmentally friendly, as well as an innovative platform that has given them the capability to view past board documents online, travel light, and do business regardless of where they are located.