Security Benefit

イントラリンクスは、Security Benefitによる各組織との機密情報の共有をサポートしました。

“With Intralinks, we have a solution that’s easy to use and flexible. I can set up anybody and get them trained in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes. I would use Intralinks in a heartbeat."

– Kevin Yeamans, Director of Enterprise Security, Security Benefit

The Situation

Before 2007, Security Benefit, a 120-year old financial services and retirement planning company, distributed due diligence information to third parties by burning CDs and mailing them via overnight delivery or by permitting the inspection of hard copy documents on site.

The Problem

This traditional method was time consuming and costly. The large amount of information and the number and size of the documents that needed to be shared made email ineffective as bouncebacks were common.

The Implications

In addition to the costs, traditional distribution methods provided no control over individual documents. Recipients could print or redistribute highly confidential information at their discretion.

The Solution

Security Benefit was first introduced to Intralinks in 2007 during its acquisition of Rydex Investments. The company used the tool to manage its due diligence process. Security Benefit’s team was impressed with the functionality, security, and ease-of-use that Intralinks provided.

The Result

By using Intralinks, Security Benefit is able to securely store and distribute large volumes of data from one central location, which allows third parties to view the information simultaneously from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, document-level security and individual permissioning, including the ability to restrict printing, assures the company that its confidential information is safeguarded. 

The Benefit

Intralinks’ drag and drop functionality made it easy to populate folders directly from Security Benefit’s LAN into the Intralinks exchange. Documents were quickly uploaded and securely shared with third parties in far less time. In addition, with the Intralinks auto-notification feature, third parties and the Security Benefit team were immediately notified when new information was uploaded to the platform.