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M&Aマーケットにおいて特に敏感な期間は、公式発表に至る準備段階です。 CASSビジネススクールが行ったこの研究では、ディールの公式発表前にマスコミへの情報漏洩が起こると、ディールに悪影響があるかどうかについて着目しています。

This study conducted by Cass Business School looks at whether or not deals are affected adversely by press leaks before the official deal announcement.

Welcome to this important research study commissioned by Intralinks from Cass Business School* — M&A Leaks: Issues of Information Control.

In the M&A markets, getting your deal process right has never been more necessary. The run-up to the official announcement is a particularly sensitive period and, at IntraLinks, we wanted to establish whether or not deals are affected adversely by press leaks at this delicate stage of proceedings.

The Cass examination of more than 350,000 global M&A transactions between 1994 and 2007 casts light on the sensitivities inherent in deal activity and the potentially destabilizing effect a press leak can have on the process.

The results of this exclusive study — thought to be the world’s first research focused on pre-announcement market leaks in M&A — suggest that fewer than half (49%) of all leaked deals complete, compared with 72% of non-leaked transactions.