Intralinks Deal Marketing
for Banking & Securities


Organize, accelerate and track distribution of debt securities offering materials and open a clear path to investors – fast.

Intralinks is streamlining the painstaking deal marketing process in debt capital markets. We’re eliminating reliance on spreadsheets and guesswork, so you can identify your best investors quickly and fast-track your deal. 

Use our Deal Marketing platform to:

  • Simplify deal document organization, distribution and storage
  • Conduct a virtual roadshow
  • Track activity and gauge investor engagement
  • Transition seamlessly and securely to due diligence

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Deal Marketing Flow Chart

Here’s how it works


Create a new deal to market


Send the investor presentation and other materials in one go 


Allow recipients to view files immediately
(virtual roadshow: check!)


Track investor engagement, activity and commitments … then move on to due diligence

How does Intralinks’ high-performance DealMarketing™ drive the best deals on the map? Watch this quick video for a look under the hood.

Intralinks Deal Marketing

Intralinks is the most comprehensive platform for the asset-backed securities (ABS) and debt capital markets, featuring:

  • Best-in-class virtual data room (VDR): Modern, fast, intuitive, easy-to-use platform with insightful reporting and workflow tools
  • Virtual roadshows: Get investor presentation in front of investors immediately; allow them to view files within the platform – no download or access to VDR necessary
  • 17g-5 compliance: Designed for issuers, sponsors, underwriters, NRSROs to meet SEC Rule 17g-5 requirements
  • Uncompromised security: Data encryption in-transit and at rest; granular permissioning; document retraction and redaction
  • Compliance reporting: Extremely detailed audit, user activity and document access reports
  • Award-winning customer service: Global, 24/7/365 support in 140 languages

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Ready to take the deal on the (virtual) road? Intralinks goes the extra mile with a roadshow solution that provides:

  • Real-time analytics: Gauge investor interest easily through up-to-date statistics on who viewed the presentation and for how long, and which parts are piquing their interest
  • Investors at the ready: Build on investor lists from previous transactions and avoid wasting valuable time chasing uninterested investors
  • Bookbuilding: Capture investment commitments, manage NDAs and NPAs, and get a head start on the bookbuilding process
  • Insight into the future: Intralinks distills data from previous transactions – investors most interested in particular deal types, typical commitments, and more – to help deal teams inform their success in future ones

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Screenshot of Roadshow product

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