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From pitch to execution, we simplify and accelerate the entire deal process for all types of debt capital markets (DCM) transactions. Intralinks Virtual Data Rooms enable you to streamline due diligence and credit analysis, and securely share time-sensitive documents with all your stakeholders. The Intralinks platform is uniquely designed for financial services to streamline workflows and introduce efficiencies in the dealmaking process. So relax, we’ll carry the weight of your document-heavy and collaboration-intensive deals.

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Features & Benefits

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Successful issuers keep their investors informed throughout the life of the bond. Improve your marketing and reporting with enhanced document control and clear-cut permissioning capabilities. Monitor all ongoing interactions with dashboards and reporting tools that provide real-time transparency, and leverage a host of features that expedite the dealmaking process. The Intralinks Private Label Service even allows you to customize VDRs with your corporate branding, so investors have a seamless web-based user experience. Increase efficiency and reduce risk while executing your:

  • 144A transactions
  • Traditional private placements
  • Insurance-linked securities
  • Eurobonds
  • Covered bonds 

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Structured Finance.

Intralinks was founded in financial services over 20 years ago. We understand how difficult it is to distribute and manage extensive volumes of data while maintaining 17g-5 compliance. That’s why we built robust compliance features into our solution, such as automatic logging of all file access and sharing activities, and reporting with real-time transparency. Intralinks VDRs can facilitate the collection, management and sharing of thousands of documents related to: 

  • Asset-backed securities  
  • Commercial mortgage-backed securities
  • Residential mortgage-backed securities
  • Collateralized debt obligations
  • Collateralized loan obligations
  • Derivatives

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Banking and Securities Debt Sales Software

Portfolio Loan Sales.

Intralinks can change the way you think about marketing the sale of loan portfolios and distressed debt assets. Use our VDRs to remove the limitations imposed by geography, time and devices, so you can sell your portfolio of loans faster. When disposing of non-performing loans, accelerate credit recovery by controlling the data reconciliation process in a structured way. Intralinks can improve your management of portfolio loan sales with: 

  • Real-time monitoring and business intelligence
  • Q&A process tracking
  • Information rights management  
  • VDR archival services
  • Global customer support and professional services

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Commercial Loans.

Intralinks’ cloud-based platform makes it possible to streamline commercial lending, work securely (yes, securely) from anywhere and manage your transactions on your mobile devices. What’s the end result? More efficient document organization and sharing, faster credit approvals and time savings for borrowers and lenders across every phase of the deal lifecycle. Let us help you execute and manage any type of loan transaction including:

  • Asset-based loans
  • Club loans
  • Real estate loans
  • Trade finance
  • Project and infrastructure finance
  • Municipal finance

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From our perspective, the tool’s most powerful aspects include the level of security and speed at which documents are managed.

Daniel Merino
Capital Markets Manager
Banco Hipotecario

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