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Inflation, Interest Rates and Sanctions: How Are Debt Capital Markets Reacting and Responding in 2022?

SS&C Intralinks recently partnered with Private Equity Wire for a webinar featuring leading DCM experts. The panelists discussed the impact of macroeconomic and geopolitical concerns on debt issuance and investing, including:  

  • Inflation and rising interest rates 
  • Conflict in Ukraine, sanctions on Russia and other potential global issues 
  • Post-COVID realities, including reopening and re-shuttering economies 
  • Other risks and opportunities 

Download this on-demand webinar session to hear from industry-leading experts and learn how DCM markets will continue to be impacted this year.  


  • Savvas Savvouri - Chief Economist, Partner, Toscafund Asset Management LLP 
  • Joseph Marren - President, CEO & CIO, KStone Partners 
  • Jordan Brown - Account Executive, SS&C Intralinks 


  • 50 minutes

Watch the Webinar On Demand