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Private Equity Fundraising in the New Decade

In this on-demand webinar, the team at Private Equity Wire will be joined by Intralinks and industry experts to explore the variety of asset-raising channels that are available to private equity managers in this new era.

Topics will include placement agents; technology solutions such as data rooms & CRM; and in-house marketing via roadshows.

The webinar will also look at responding to McKinsey’s latest Global Private Markets Review 2020 statement:

“LPs are still under-allocated against their own target levels by more than USD500 billion in PE alone so we expect strong inflows to continue”.

Further questions to be discussed are:

  • How can middle-market managers compete as LPs choose to re-up with a smaller, concentrated number of trusted, often large-cap PE firms? 
  • Is it taking longer for PE managers, on average, to reach their AUM targets, and if so, how might they overcome these time pressures? 
  • Is it getting harder to put fund capital (dry powder) to work, as the size of PE industry AUM continues to grow? 
  • What are some of the best tactics/best practices managers ought to be thinking about, when fundraising in 2020? 
  • Finally, is ESG likely to play a factor in drawing LP capital over the next 12 months?


Original Broadcast Date:
7 April 2020

57 minutes


James Williams 
Managing Editor, Private Equity Wire 

Meghan McAlpine
Director, Strategy & Product Marketing, Alternative Investments, SS&C Intralinks

Lucien Cipollone
Associate Partner, Capstone Capital

Sebastian Junoy
Partner, Headway Capital Partners LLP


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