Intralinks Compliance Accelerators

Get extremely detailed insight into VDR activity – and stay on top of who’s accessing sensitive data

If your firm uses virtual data rooms (VDRs), it’s likely that massive amounts of critical deal information are being shared internally and externally. Managing exactly who has access to sensitive data – possibly MNPI and PII – creates a major challenge for compliance teams.


On average, an Intralinks client firm has 680 unique end users and 3,670 total VDR connections*

Firms that use Intralinks VDRs can take advantage of extremely thorough compliance tools to monitor and manage information access and mitigate against a multitude of risks—data exposure, insider trading, regulatory fines, and more. 

Access Gatekeeper (AG)

Manage users’ access to VDRs inside/outside the firm

Access Monitoring Service (AMS)

Detailed daily/​weekly/​monthly report on exposure to deals inside/outside the firm


Full audit trail of communications around VDR activity

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*Average based on top 75 Intralinks client firms by assets under management. Data as of July 2019. Access to 1 data room = 1 connection.

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