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Golden Rules of Restructuring 2023

Ready to restructure? Follow these 5 rules for a successful 180.

Time is of the essence with every corporate restructuring. The consequences for stakeholders who fail to act immediately to reorganize a troubled business can be severe. The restructuring process is complex, but it is often necessary for companies facing financial distress. 

Amid the current backdrop of economic headwinds that have caused a significant uptick in Chapter 11 bankruptcies, our new white paper, The Golden Rules of Restructuring, provides guidance for a business turnaround in today’s market. 

Read to learn about:

  • Collaborating compliantly: Why communication between stakeholders is critical and needs to be auditable and compliant 
  • Assembling the right team: The value of retaining advisors and experts in insolvency
  • Creating efficiencies: How outsourcing tedious prep work can achieve significant time and cost savings
  • Security protocols: How keeping business and customer information secure and confidential is mission critical
  • Leveraging tech: How virtual data rooms (VDRs) speed up due diligence

Download the white paper now to get a head start on your corporate restructuring.