Intralinks delivers market-defining solutions for inter-enterprise collaboration. Our solutions deliver ease of access to highly sensitive content, in a controlled manner to authorized people and teams.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Streamline multi-party collaboration and content exchange so you can restructure viable businesses, secure financing or liquidate assets faster. 

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Board Reporting

Increase the productivity of your board members and ensure that your corporate information remains private.

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Business Development & Licensing

Trim due diligence costs, reduce transaction times, control information and accelerate future deals. 

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Increase data security, automate tedious processes and streamline complex energy transactions with DealCentre’s purpose-built solutions and advanced virtual data room.

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Initial Public Offerings

Share large volumes of sensitive content with parties inside and outside the company efficiently and securely.

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$34.7 trillion worth

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Intralinks provides services to users in over 40 industries and over 30 use types

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