Special Report: Abandoned Acquisitions 2.0

Why do some deals fail to complete? And what are the impacts of an abandoned acquisition on asset value and future company performance?

Our new report, Abandoned Acquisitions 2.0, a follow-up to our first study using research conducted by The Business School, City, University of London, looks at the long-term implications of abandoned acquisitions. The report, produced in association with Acuris Studios, drills deep into data from more than 70,000 deals announced over three decades for common threads, indicators and effects among deals that failed to complete.

We interviewed 30 M&A professionals globally to provide context for our findings and to offer insights into why some deals don’t close and how abandoned acquisitions land in today’s marketplace, including:

  • Impacts on company share price and dividends
  • Effects on operational performance, reputation and future dealmaking
  • What happens to bidders when deals fall short
  • Outcome differences over geographies, sectors and deal types
  • Private versus public acquisitions

Plus, this report includes a special supplementary study of more than 16,000 deals announced during the COVID-19 pandemic to examine the effects of the past year’s extraordinary conditions upon deal completion.

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