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For the remainder of 2021, dealmakers in Spain and Portugal will continue to be active in all aspects of the capital markets – capital formation, venture investments, IPOs and M&A

The markets are back. After the freeze of activity brought on by the pandemic, dealmaking is flowing once again. Worldwide, announced M&A deals reached historic levels in Q1 2021, reaching USD 1.3 trillion and the momentum has continued to build through the first half of the year in every asset class. 

How is Iberia faring amongst this global surge? Where are the opportunities for dealmakers in Spain and Portugal—and just, as importantly, how has the deal landscape changed in Iberia? What new regulations, heightened competition and volatility are deal professionals now facing?

Download this new TTR M&A Handbook – Iberia 2021, published by Transactional Track Record (TTR), for a comprehensive look at current deal activity and projections for Q3 and Q4. In it you’ll find exclusive market data — in text and visual snapshots — compiled from exhaustive daily market analysis down to the local level. Get expert insights into the current and future states of mergers & acquisitions, private equity and venture capital, with details on:

  • Domestic vs. cross-border activity
  • Most active buyers & sellers in 2020
  • Deal volume & aggregate value by market segment
  • Largest private equity and VC investments and divestments
  • Domestic vs. foreign Investments in Spain
  • Sector and subsector transaction volumes, and more

Download this new report for important insights into our Iberian markets.

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