Are You Capitalizing On LP’s ESG Themes When Fundraising?

Recent capital outflows from ESG integrated funds to more impact thematic funds have signaled a major change in investors’ appetite for greenwashing. It also informs GPs that now is the time to make the shift to structuring funds and investments to align with investor expectations. What should GPs consider from a legal, operational, and capital-raising perspective?

Watch this on-demand webinar replay to learn how to navigate the path forward to more sustainable investing.


  • Moderator: Katarzyna Lupa Nowicka, associate director, SS&C
  • Philip Murphy, partner, tax, KPMG
  • Sara Gilbert, business development director, SS&C
  • David Naughton, partner, head of financial services, LK Shields Solicitors LLP
  • William Bryant, head of advisory, NorthPeak Advisory

Running time: 49 minutes

Watch the Webinar Replay