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On-demand webinar: Does Brand Value Add to Company Value in M&A Deals?

Are your Information Memoranda (IM) portraying your business in the best possible light, truly showcasing the value your business can offer to potential investors?

Watch our experts as they explore the impact of branding in Sales Process IMs, inside and outside of your virtual data room (VDR).

In this 26-minute video, moderated by Russell Enright, SS&C Intralinks’ Senior Director Sales UK & Ireland, we will uncover:

  • Why is branding important in the sales process?
  • Does perception of a company’s value increase with higher brand values and well-designed marketing materials?
  • Does strong IM representation help potential investors better understand a company and its values?
  • How can companies improve their brand values without spending a fortune?

Watch this on-demand webinar for expert insights from our featured speakers Tim Black, Joint Managing Director at Black&Callow and Tim Webb-Jenkins, Principal Creative Director at Webb-Jenkins.

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