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The Future of Data and Reporting in Private Equity

How technology and standards will further deepen GP/LP relationships.

Recently Intralinks and Privcap Media gathered a panel of investment industry experts for an important discussion on the impacts of new digital technologies and standards initiatives on the GP-LP relationship. Our panel offered expert commentary and actionable insights on advancements on fund reporting, investor portals,  management software and digital platforms, and other transformative investment industry technologies. Topics included:

  • How the pandemic has put a fine point on the need for efficient digital IR?
  • It has been long remarked that LPs have a voracious demand for information about their portfolios. Has that refined or grown over recent years?
  • What constitutes a disappointing IR experience from the LP's perspective?
  • What percentage of total information is available 24/7 for LPs to access themselves, versus needing to request it from the GP?
  • What has changed with regard to the information LPs seek about how valuations are arrived at?
  • What standards initiatives have moved the needle in GP/LP relations, and what’s on the horizon?
  • What tech/software breakthroughs do you think will move the needle in GP/LP relations?
  • How far along is ESG towards standardized reporting?

47 minutes


  • Jim Rutherfurd, Managing Director & Head of IR, Pine Brook 
  • Neal Prunier, Director, Standards & Best Practices, Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA)
  • Meghan McAlpine, Director, Strategy & Product Marketing, SS&C Intralinks
  • David Snow (Moderator), Partner, Privcap Media

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