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PE Investor Best Practices: Data Transparency and Standardization

Alternatives continue to be a desirable asset class for institutional investors, but, as investors’ appetite has grown, so have the challenges of managing complex reporting processes. 

Today, LPs are looking for more in-depth investment data, better transparency and faster communications from fund managers. Given limited bandwidth and resources, LPs are also seeking more standardization across the industry. 
Watch this replay of our recent webinar as we explore the evolution of investor reporting and solutions that fulfill the demands of investors. Topics include:

  • How has LPs’ demand for data shifted in recent years? What sort of data are LPs asking for from their GPs, broadly speaking, and what are they trying to do with it?
  • Have standards of reporting improved across the industry?
  • How can technology be leveraged to help manage the overwhelming flow of data?
  • How remote technology is playing a role in connecting GPs and LPs during the current environment
  • What are some of the drivers for increased transparency requirements from LPs?  
  • How can standardization be beneficial to both GPs & LPs? What challenges remain?
  • Upcoming ILPA initiatives to further strengthen GP/LP relationships


  • Neal Prunier, Director, Standards and Best Practices, Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA)
  • Raphaelle Koetschet, Head of PE/Infrastructure/RE Fund Investments, Caisse des Dépôts
  • Adrian Ohmer, Investment Director, The Kresge Foundation 
  • Meghan McAlpine, Director, Strategy and Product Marketing, SS&C Intralinks

48 minutes

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