What Do LPs Really Want?

Presented with Real Deals

Watch this on-demand webinar for an insightful discussion exploring strategies general partners (GPs) can use to engage limited partners (LPs) and attract new commitments.

Our panel discussed LPs’ evolving demands and shifting priorities, providing expert insights on:

  • Building a compelling value proposition to align with LPs' interests
  • Catering to specific LP segments
  • Maintaining momentum and investor interest during extended fundraising cycles
  • Utilizing technology and data analytics to enhance fundraising efforts
  • Nurturing LP relationships
  • Negotiating LP-friendly terms


  • Emily Pollock, Client Director, Schroders Capital Solutions
  • Alex Barker, Principal, HarbourVest
  • Gemma Braithwaite, Investor Relations Managing Director, All Seas Capital
  • Claudio Siniscalco, Founder and Managing Partner, Fiduciary Co-investment Partners
  • Meghan McAlpine, Senior Director, Product Marketing & Strategy, SS&C Intralinks


  • 60 minutes

Watch the webinar replay