Intralinks for LIBOR Transition

Secure document exchange, artificial intelligence integration, efficient workflow

Financial regulators are extending the expiration of USD LIBOR for certain contracts through June 2023, but December 2021 remains the deadline for banks to stop using LIBOR in new contracts. This means that banks and debt issuers are still under pressure to address an enormous number of contracts including over USD 15 trillion worth of USD legacy contracts that expire after June 2023, and those for all other LIBOR currencies (including GBP, CHF, EUR, JPY). This volume of documentation poses severe challenges with review, secure collaboration and distribution, and reporting.

Intralinks – the same ultra-secure virtual data room (VDR) already security vetted by major banks for capital markets transactions – offers an innovative LIBOR solution to empower banks, legal, risk, finance and other involved teams efficiently and securely share millions of loan documents, identify affected contracts, collaborate on necessary updates, and meet the December 31, 2021 deadline. 

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Deadline to stop using LIBOR in new contracts is in


    Intralinks for LIBOR transition
Task Functionality Standard Solution

Custom Solution
(for organizations with large volumes of contracts)

Set up VDRs: centralize, protect and classify documents Collect, centralize, index, encrypt and classify all potentially affected loan contracts Yes Yes
Automate collection, OCR, indexing, classification, encryption and permissions for large volumes of contracts   Yes
Grant access and manage permissions Instantly and securely permission LIBOR, legal and other teams to access all or specific folders or documents Yes Yes
Collaborate securely Advanced encryption protects documents in transit and at rest Yes Yes
Granular audit trails and compliance reporting capture all activities Yes Yes
Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool integration to determine which contracts mature before/after the 2021 deadline   Yes
Track progress Dashboards help teams stay on top of reviews and updates across the LIBOR transition process   Yes
Complete all contract reviews and updates Meet the FCA deadline of December 31, 2021 Yes Yes