Structured Finance

When it comes to structured finance deals, timing is everything. Confidently share time-sensitive documents to all your stakeholders and maintain 17g-5 compliance. Intralinks gives you complete control over your information. 

A secure solution for data and document exchange

A simple, intuitive platform backed by robust and highly secure technology, Intralinks Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) can facilitate the collection, management, and sharing of thousands of documents related to asset-backed securities (ABS), commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), derivatives and more.

Intralinks VDRs are 17g-5 compliant

Rule 17g-5 impacts all structured finance products. It is imperative your business maintains compliance. Rule 17g-5 mandates that Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organizations (NRSROs) manage, or entirely refrain from, conflicts of interest that may threaten the integrity of the credit rating system.

Our Intralinks VDRs help you maintain 17g-5 compliance and assist in streamlining the ratings processes for all structured finance products, including CMBS and ABS transactions.

Effectively manage securitizations online with Intralinks

Intralinks gives you complete control of your deal structuring, marketing, and reporting process. Access Intralinks VDR analytics and investor engagement statistics anytime and anywhere — and from any device. Streamline bulk document uploading and downloading while maintaining complete control over security and permissioning with Intralinks Designer.

Intralinks provides the most comprehensive deal and document management:

  • Securely exchange critical information in an entirely searchable repository that also allows you to quickly access new or unread documents with smart filters.
  • Get real-time intelligence into how clients are accessing and using documents, including who opens a file and when, how many times they view the document, and for how long they interact with the material.
  • Keep investors engaged with alerts as new information is posted.
  • Respond in real time to investor requests and Q&A, and automatically route questions to subject matter experts.

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