Intralinks for Deal Marketing

Streamline your marketing process and focus your efforts where they count.

Connect with your buyers faster on a secure digital deal marketing platform – from the most trusted name in M&A.

Using email or other manual processes to disseminate and track deal marketing documents among prospective buyers is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Worse still, a manual distribution process makes it nearly impossible to gauge buyer interest and gain insights to guide your strategy and tactics.

A single solution for effective outreach and actionable insight.

The Intralinks Deal Marketing platform centralizes outreach document storing, hosting and dissemination alongside other deal tracking information – all on one secure platform. This powerful solution automates low-value, time-consuming tasks while maintaining a high-touch, personalized approach to M&A.

Now, advisors can quickly gain transparency into how buyers are engaging during the marketing process and who is best positioned to make a bid.

Intralinks for Deal Marketing

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Intralinks for Deal Marketing

Intralinks’ Deal Marketing platform helps you organize and manage distribution of teasers, NDAs and CIMs — and opens a clear path to your best buyers.

  • Online transaction tracking alongside document storage and hosting – putting the deal marketing process in one collaborative, location
  • Monitor document views to gain insight into how buyers are interacting with process documents
  • Automated, high-touch dissemination of process documents – reduces outreach and tracking workload while maintaining a high-touch outreach process
  • Storage for inbound documents to keep important documents such as signed NDAs alongside the rest of your outreach process
  • Simple contact/company directory
  • Easily export to Excel®
  • Seamless transition of interested parties into an Intralinks Virtual Data Room

Deal Marketing consolidated, accelerated, transformed.

No other provider has it.