Integrated Redaction

Protect your data to protect your deal. Our VDR-integrated redaction capability makes it easy to control sensitive information – down to the word level.

An NDA is not always enough. To safeguard your deal and comply with burgeoning data security regulations, your information needs that extra layer of security that only redaction can provide. But you don’t want to add steps or extra labor that can add costs or slow down your deal. Here’s a solution. 


Redaction add files screenshot

Easily add one, or multiple files, into the redaction workflow with a single click.

Intralinks’ integrated redaction capability can dramatically reduce the extra steps and the time spent redacting files outside of the VDR. 

  • Save time by redacting documents directly in the VDRPro – Eliminate the process of having to redact documents outside the VDR and then having to re-upload and permission them. 
  • Keep data secure – Ensure all designated terms are redacted by centralizing the document review process and thus eliminating gaps in workflow. 
  • Easily revert to the original document – Seamlessly permission the unredacted document to buyers when appropriate, as the deal progresses. 
  • Reduce costs – Execute the entire redaction process internally instead of hiring a third party to review all the documents. 



Avoid regulatory repercussions and business impact. 

Today you could face serious consequences from regulatory agencies if you don’t properly manage personally identifiable information (PII) under your care. Plus, your business can be negatively impacted if key contract provisions, supplier names, or customers are disclosed to a broad group of potential buyers that often include competitors. 

Redaction search feature screenshot

Seamlessly search for and redact sensitive content in a single action. 

Redaction replace original document screenshot

Automatically replace the original version with the redacted version of the document in the VDR index.

Reduce the risk that you will miss data that should be redacted. 

Redacting information is critical to avoiding these mishaps. But if you’ve been through this process, you know that traditional redaction takes an inordinate amount of time, resources and costs – mainly because you need to redact documents outside of the VDR. This inefficient procedure adds time to the deal process – especially when you’re trying to get the due diligence phase in motion – and creates potential breaks in your workflow that can lead to missing or only partially redacted files. This wasted time combined with the potential for errors adds additional risk to any deal.  

Redact documents accurately and quickly – without ever leaving VDRPro. 

Intralinks’ integrated redaction capability is built right into our award-winning virtual data room, so redaction becomes a natural part of your workflow – saving costs, time and resources. Now you can search for and redact sensitive content in a single action, seamlessly. Intralinks’ redaction capability allows you to continue your momentum through diligence, giving you peace of mind that critically sensitive data is securely hidden. And you can save time and money associated with outsourcing redaction to third parties. 

Screenshot depicting redacted document

Redacted text is completely removed from the document and not searchable.

We care as much about the deal as you do.

Our promise.

We’ll help you stay on top of your deal. Utilize our redaction feature within our best-in-class VDR to streamline redaction without sacrificing security. We provide you with the tools you need to facilitate your deal while keeping your data safe – down to the word level. 

Our commitment.

Our redaction capability represents Intralinks’ first step toward our broader vision of delivering redaction functionality that leverages artificial intelligence to assist in identifying commonly redacted items that would otherwise have to be found manually, and that automatically identifies key terms across the contents of the entire VDRPro.

Our team.

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