Intralinks AI Redaction
Scan, review, redact. Done.

True AI-powered redaction is here, transforming the way you protect and share deal data

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NEW! Now with bulk capabilities to seamlessly redact numerous documents at once

Protect your deal data faster, easier and more confidently with an intelligent redaction assistant.

The controlled, timely release of crucial company data is key to successful deal preparation. But error-prone manual redaction can slow down your deal process, compromise the integrity of your offering and risk your company’s reputation.

Intralinks AI Redaction uses advanced artificial intelligence to help protect against unintentional exposure of personally identifiable information (PII) – names, addresses, phone numbers – and other sensitive data you specify. All done easily and seamlessly within the VDRPro™ environment.

Learn how AI Redaction can supercharge your next M&A deal

Security, simplified.

Advanced artificial intelligence keeps your deal data safe and your deal process moving. Use our innovative, purpose-built AI capability to streamline your redaction process and accelerate every step:

  • Add – Easily bulk upload documents and folders to Redaction area
  • Scan – VDRPro scans your documents as they upload to your data room
  • Configure – Over 70 preset PII parameters + customizable search
  • Check – Confirm or edit the AI Redaction selections
  • Publish – Share the safely redacted document with counterparties
  • Manage – Easily revert to original document when the time is right


We’ve integrated redaction into VDRPro to give you more control, speed, savings and productivity.

Reduce risk

Decrease the likelihood that you'll unintentionally share sensitive document information.

Enhance control

Integration into VDRPro puts document selection, review and approval right at your fingertips.

Save time

AI gives you a head start, saving days over time-consuming, fully manual reviews or costly outsourcing.

Boost productivity

Easily permission and share documents, and quickly revert to non-redacted versions when needed.

Ensure compliance

Queue documents for review and approval before posting to the data room.

Heighten security

Centralize the document review process in VDRPro, eliminating safety gaps in your workflow.

Deal data security has never been easier.
Just ask our clients.

“The AI Redaction feature is super intuitive and easy to use.”

Analyst, top-3 investment bank

“Intralinks’ AI Redaction tool helped me save more than 50% of the time, as it does most of the upfront work.”

Associate, top-5 M&A advisory firm

“AI Redaction did most of the work for me. I just had to review and confirm.”

Associate, top-5 M&A advisory firm


Save time and effort by redacting documents directly in VDRPro

  • Add documents and folders to the Redaction area of your data room
  • Eliminate the process of having to redact documents outside the VDR and then having to re-upload
  • Seamlessly permission and share documents with deal parties

Find sensitive information automatically with AI-powered redaction

  • Automatically identify common data elements like names, addresses and other PII
  • Add customized search terms and then initiate redaction across a set of documents
  • Store multiple versions of documents for different phases of the deal lifecycle

Reduce time-consuming manual reviews and costly outsourcing

  • Documents can be queued for review and automatically replace the source documents, once approved
  • As the deal matures a document can be easily re-opened to adjust the redaction criteria or reverted back to the originals
  • Edit redacted document and publish again with changes

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